Returns Management

An alternative to full-service fulfillment that’s designed to integrate seamlessly with your existing logistics strategy, our RMS helps businesses conquer the challenges of returns processing, product restoration, inventory control and restocking to get your goods back to first quality and back on their way to customers.


  • Expedited setup and seamless integration of the systems side of the returns process with your fulfillment strategy.
  • Highly efficient and accurate returns processing leveraging our proprietary technology and systems, for maximum customer satisfaction and quick replacement of stock into inventory.
  • Flexibility to meet demand at peak periods including after sales promotions and the holidays.
  • A team of product experts offering best in class product restoration to ensure you ship first quality every time an order is placed, maximizing resell potential and customer retention.
  • Specialty services to get returned product looking factory fresh include steaming, refolding, dry cleaning, deodorizing, poly-bagging, stain removal, lint brushing and more.
  • Strategic replenishment of stock to origin destination, leveraging Quiet’s shipper network and proprietary software systems.
  • Large-scale consolidated returns processing from end customers as well as stores.
  • Consultation on returns policy and packaging as well as implementation of plans to minimize returns, streamline the overall process and ensure that all returns are part of an exceptionally branded customer experience.
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