Social media and mobile have changed the retail landscape forever. The modern shopper must be able to find, order and receive products via multiple platforms and channels, and your fulfillment partner must have the systems and expertise to deliver a seamless end-customer experience, despite the ever-growing complexity of the supply chain challenge.

From big box retailers to small boutiques to order consolidation, Quiet Logistics has the experience and team to execute with speed and accuracy across multiple channels, delivering a seamless omnichannel shopping experience.


  • Quiet’s proprietary Fulfillment Management System (FMS) enables accurate inventory management across all channels in real-time by delivering easy to use reporting and granular visibility.
  • Highly automated technologies and multi-channel tools empower complete order visibility and management, so you can meet the packaging, labeling and routing requirements of both large and small retail partners.
  • Our best in class practices guarantee consistent, accurate, fast and personalized fulfillment everyday.
  • Real-time reporting portal and dashboards provide true visibility of products’ lifecycle through the warehouse, from inventory to PO’s and orders to returns and many – empowering you to run your multiple channels more effectively.
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